Protect your family against the viruses spreading around the country

enterovirus 68
Are you prepared for major, new viruses and bacteria that are spreading like wildfire around the country? One of the wonderful thing about Young Living Essential Oils, no matter what nature throws at us, nature (Oils) can throw right back since any resistance bacteria/viruses develop, Oils just alter their frequency to keep their power to fight the virus/bacteria. Those of us who are “oilers”-stock up. Those that are not- what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until you need them to fight off a nasty virus. I strongly recommend Young Living Essential Oils! Let me know if you need more info.


DISCLAIMER: I am not here to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure. I am not a physician and you should not use any of the information in this course to supplement the medical advice given to you by your primary care physician. Before attempting to go off any prescription medicines, always consult with your physician first.

My Why Story

My Why Story

For years I have struggled with hormonal problems, I started going through menopause at age 38! Yes, I had all the wonderful symptoms (HOT flashes, mood swings, night sweats & the list goes on!). I was miserably (so was my husband 🙂 ), I started taking an OTC herbal supplement which was about $30 a month. It helped some, not as much as I would like- I was really tired of having “my own personal summers” at the drop of a hat! Hormone replacement therapy was out for me- my mom had breast cancer and it was hormone positive, plus I really didn’t want to grow any more facial hair!  My sister knew all about my struggles and introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils & Progessence Plus.  I applied a drop or 2 of Progessence Plus neat on my wrists every morning.  Ahhh….. Life was starting to look up, plus I was saving money in the long run since a bottle was less expensive, compared to paying $30 a month for something that was sort of working!  I would order from her since she was a distributor and then wait for her to get the “magic oil” and mail it to me. We did this for about 2 years- when it occurred to me, why am I not a distributor?  DUH! So, I signed up, got my kit and started using more oils for other things. Once in a while, I would share some oils with friends for different things and a few of them ordered oils for this or that.

My Why 00Progessence Plus

I had never really thought about doing anything seriously with essential oils. A few months ago, we were doing a sermon series in church on what is our calling and what would glorify God. I started thinking about what was my calling? What & how can I do God’s will for my life and glorify him at the same time? I started praying for answers, and I have to chuckle when God gives us those answers and we continue to ask him for more signs and clarification!  Well, I believe He answered me, out of the blue within 2 weeks; I had 3 people from different areas of my life contact me about “those oils I sell”!  One of the 3 friends wanted me to teach a class to her and some of her friends that were interested in essential oils. Wait? What? I’m not sure I can do that. So, I prayed some more and started to think why not? What have I got to lose? Who knows I might be able to help someone else discover a health & wellness option for them and their families.

I’m still a work in progress; I have some other health concerns that God is helping me address with Young Living Essential Oils. Updates to follow as those chapters get written 🙂

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