Ear Aches? Clogged Ears?

This is a testimonial post I found on Naturally Oily Mom (another YLEO blogger). Her dad was complaining of his ears being stopped up and therefore having problems hearing. What a great daughter  and smart too!


This is an amazing testimony.  My Dad was complaining of his ears being stopped up and therefore having problems hearing.  He was at the Dr.’s office last week and had his Dr. look at them…well, there was a reason his hearing was so muffled and he felt like they were stopped up – they were!  His Dr. said it was due to allergies and that he needed to be sure to take an antihistamine in the morning and one at night.  He did this for a couple of days and had no changes.  We usually go over to his house on Sunday evenings for dinner, and had just arrived – he said his ears were still very stopped up and that he was going to go back to the Dr. in the morning if they weren’t any better.  Enter loving daughter with an arsenal of essential oils.  I ran home and grabbed my “case” of oils and brought them over.  My daughter and I oiled him up.  After dinner, he commented that his ears were feeling much better and his hearing was more clear.  We hung out for a while, and before we left, we re-applied the oils.  The next morning, he sent me a text that his ears were still very clear and he felt so much better…the following morning, they were even better!  No more OTC antihistamines or Dr.’s visit!  Two applications of essential oils and BAM!  Y’all, this is why I LOVE these oils!

So what did we do?  We rubbed a drop of Melrose all behind his ears and by where the “sideburn” part of the face is.  Then we put a drop of Purification, Lavender and Lemon behind his ears and rubbed it down to where the lymph nodes in the neck are.  Once we did that, we layered Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint (commonly referred to as LLP) on the back of his neck.  Easy peasy!  *Note: Never, ever, EVER put oils IN your ear.  Ever.*


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