My Why Story

My Why Story

For years I have struggled with hormonal problems, I started going through menopause at age 38! Yes, I had all the wonderful symptoms (HOT flashes, mood swings, night sweats & the list goes on!). I was miserably (so was my husband 🙂 ), I started taking an OTC herbal supplement which was about $30 a month. It helped some, not as much as I would like- I was really tired of having “my own personal summers” at the drop of a hat! Hormone replacement therapy was out for me- my mom had breast cancer and it was hormone positive, plus I really didn’t want to grow any more facial hair!  My sister knew all about my struggles and introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils & Progessence Plus.  I applied a drop or 2 of Progessence Plus neat on my wrists every morning.  Ahhh….. Life was starting to look up, plus I was saving money in the long run since a bottle was less expensive, compared to paying $30 a month for something that was sort of working!  I would order from her since she was a distributor and then wait for her to get the “magic oil” and mail it to me. We did this for about 2 years- when it occurred to me, why am I not a distributor?  DUH! So, I signed up, got my kit and started using more oils for other things. Once in a while, I would share some oils with friends for different things and a few of them ordered oils for this or that.

My Why 00Progessence Plus

I had never really thought about doing anything seriously with essential oils. A few months ago, we were doing a sermon series in church on what is our calling and what would glorify God. I started thinking about what was my calling? What & how can I do God’s will for my life and glorify him at the same time? I started praying for answers, and I have to chuckle when God gives us those answers and we continue to ask him for more signs and clarification!  Well, I believe He answered me, out of the blue within 2 weeks; I had 3 people from different areas of my life contact me about “those oils I sell”!  One of the 3 friends wanted me to teach a class to her and some of her friends that were interested in essential oils. Wait? What? I’m not sure I can do that. So, I prayed some more and started to think why not? What have I got to lose? Who knows I might be able to help someone else discover a health & wellness option for them and their families.

I’m still a work in progress; I have some other health concerns that God is helping me address with Young Living Essential Oils. Updates to follow as those chapters get written 🙂

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